Tamerlanes Daughters
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Tamerlane's Daughters


Tamerlane's Daughters pays homage to a vanished culture.

Our clothes celebrate the past splendour of Central Asia by incorporating rich 19th century textiles from that region into contemporary one-off designs.

All incorporated antiques are genuine collector's items - silk embroideries from a Turkmen ceremonial cloak, gilded Uzbek amulets, and gold appliqués from an Ottoman wedding dress are just a few of the treasures designer Karina Duebner has sourced from Samarkand, Shiraz and Istanbul.

Back in our studio in London, every Tamerlane's Daughters piece is individually hand-crafted using luxurious silks and traditional couture techniques.

From Manhattan film premieres to Moscow dance parties, Tamerlane's Daughters is worn by women who cherish glamour and individuality.

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